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Using the debug window

By setting debug to true with debug on and giving delay an value greater than 0 You can step through Your program. With the delay value the execution is halted for the time in milliseconds. Eg. 1500 delay ! will wait 1.5 seconds until the execution is continued. With the light green button in the right upper corner You can continue immediately.

forget tm

1500 value tm  (* define a delay time from 1,5 sec *)

debug off

."coloring used in the debug window" cr
."––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––-" cr
."blue: the 1. line with the currently executed word" cr
."red: every time a 1. entry is pushed on an empty stack" cr
."(the debug window is opened)" cr
tm @ delay !   (* setting the delay time *)
debug on       (* show debugging window *)

."pushing 1 on stack" cr
."pushing 2 on stack" cr
."pushing 3 on stack" cr
."pushing 4 5 6 7 on stack" cr
4 5 6 7

."black: values currently lying on the stack" cr cr
."dropping 2 numbers from stack" cr
."lightgray: \"fading\" deleted values" cr cr
0 delay !
." if its going too slowly You can continue by pressing the lightgreen square in the right upper corner…" cr cr

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