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Quick start:

Since Windows no longer comes with pre-installed JavaTM, You can now download for convenience a minimal JRE containing the 7th IDE.
After downloading and unpacking the file You find in the directory Sevjre the seventh.bat file to launch the 7th IDE.

For programmers only:

On Windows systems the location for the 7th IDE workspace is C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\g7th.
If on a UNIX system the path /var/tmp/g7th exists, the 7th IDE will use it as workspace instead of the ~/.g7th directory.

Providing the Seventh.jar file by using the JavaTM module system (recommended):
Place the Seventh.jar file in Your program's directory and insert into Your file a requires seventh; line.

module yourmodule {
    requires java.desktop;
    requires java.scripting;
    requires seventh;

For backward compatibility run Your program with an external Seventh.jar file by moving the later into Your program's directory and adding the following line into Your MANIFEST.MF file:
Class-Path: . Seventh.jar

Make the Seventh.jar file available to Your program by inserting it into Your .jar file on a jar-in-jar basis. For the Eclipse development system You must do the following:
Insert the Seventh.jar file to Your project. Create a new directory named lib (if it does't already exists) in Your projects directory. It should be now in the same directory with src and bin. To make the Seventh.jar file known to Your project select in the menu Project – Properties – Java Build Path. On the Tab Libraries use Add External JARs and add the Seventh.jar file. Then go in the menu to File – Export – Runnable Jar File. Eclipse's Runnable Jar Export Wizard inserts the Seventh.jar file and some more class files beginning with something like org/eclipse/jdt/internal/jarinjarloader/Rsrc… automaticly to Your Projects jar file. That makes the 7th stuff accessible from within Your program.

You can under Windows add serial communication to Your 7th program. Download the two jar-files as described under Installation. Put the two files in the same directory as the Seventh.jar file.
Trying out the example True Random Number Generation on a Cypress PSoC® 6 BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE):

"COM10" 115200 8 0 1 0  6 PORT a!
PORT portopen
'\r' PORT portwrite
PORT portread type
PORT portclose


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