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Everything that can be done here in the command window is also possible in the editor as well.

After entering a program You compile and / or run it by pressing the Eval button.The main function of this window is to view a words / programs output.While programming a new word in the editor You can ineractivly test parts of Your currently programmed word eq. the usage of the stack in the command window, without doing an edit-comile-run circle from the editor.

It is not possible to enter control-words or compile a program longer than a line. Because of the code-beautifier it makes more sense to use the editor for this.

Into 7th mathematics

Calculations in 7th are preferably entered in reverse polish notation. Unlike other RPN languages 7th has only a few commands to control the precision of results.

7th calculations will always have the accuracy of double values if not changed by user.



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